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Wall Panels

BPAU EPS Cool Room Panel are architecturally designed insulated panels that are versatile in its use vertically or horizontally. With a wide range of different profiles and modern colours, we can accommodate for most external and internal users. EPS or Expandable Poly Styrene is many times more energy efficient than brick and concrete walls due to its light nature it is much easier to handle and use for construction. All our Cool Room EPS Panels are manufactured using the highest quality materials, using BlueScope Steel Color bond which comes with 30 years warranty and has anti-bacterial properties.


Steel thicknesses of 0.4mm or 0.6mm for either Side, in the Lengths of –

2400mm, 2700mm, 2800m, 3000mm, 3200mm, 3500mm, 3700mm, 3900mm, 4200mm, 4600mm, 4800mm, 6000mm, 6000mm +

Custom size lenghts are available as well.

In Densities of: SL (14 Kg/m3), M (16.5 Kg/m3), H (19.5 Kg/m3), VH (21 + Kg/m3)

  • Wall Panels “Australian Made” 
    • 1200mm (Width) x 50mm (Thickness)
    • 1200mm (Width) x 75mm (Thickness)
    • 1200mm (Width) x 100mm (Thickness)
    • 1200mm (Width) x 150mm (Thickness)
    • 1200mm (Width) x 200mm (Thickness)


  • Wall Panels overseas made, 0.4mm Steel Thicknesses either Side, in Various Lengths
    • 1150mm (Width) x 50mm (Thickness)
    • 1150mm (Width) x 75mm (Thickness)