EPS External Cladding



    At BPAU, we manufacture lightweight Cladding which is used for Architectural purposes for the external cladding of modern buildings.

    Lightweight cladding is used for architectural purposes and utilised for the external cladding of modern buildings.

    Fixes directly to the subframe in various environments,

    External Cladding is commonly fixed directly to the structure, followed by an application of render on top, as well as the architectural façade.

    External Cladding also doubles as a layer of insulation for the building.

    The Cladding Panels come in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm in M Grade EPS

    (Expandable Polystyrene)

    Panels come in lengths of 2000mm, 3000mm, and 6000mm.

    The width of all panels is 1200mm.

    EPS Cladding 19.5 Kg/m3.

    • 3000mm (Length) x 1200mm (Width) x 50mm (Thickness)
    • 3000mm (Length) x 1200mm (Width) x 75mm (Thickness)
    • 3000mm (Length) x 1200mm (Width) x 100mm (Thickness)
    • 3000mm (Length) x 1200mm (Width) x 150mm (Thickness)
    • 3000mm (Length) x 1200mm (Width) x 200mm (Thickness)