Aluminium Sliding Door



    Aluminium Sliding Door Melbourne

    Sliding doors save space, allow maximum light, and can create an open and spacious appearance. Aluminium Glass Sliding Doors are ideal for space conservative applications, Allowing maximum natural light to create an open and spacious environment.

    70mm Aluminium Sliding Glass Door 87mm – PVC Sliding Door

    Manufactured to slide open horizontally, Can be supported by wheels or suspended on a track, unlike standard doors which are fixed to a hinge, opening either inwards or outwards. Sliding Doors are commonly used for bathrooms and external doors made of glass. Eliminating the swinging action of standard doors and gaining more usable space.

    PVC/aluminium 2mm sliding door double glazed, Clear Glass or colonial design, U-value (rate of heat conduction) 1.9W/m2. K from, 4. R-value (heat loss) 0.48, SHGC-0.55, Rw (CTR) 35 -1; -3, Glass 5mm+9A+5mm, argon gas in the gap, with toughed glass and thermal break.

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