Aluminium glass windows

    Are designed so that the window forms an awning when opened, providing cover from rain. Awning windows open from the bottom outwards, creating a sloped surface that allows light and air through, but provides some shelter from other elements. As a result awning windows can often be left open during moderate weather conditions.

    Aluminium Windows are manufactured in a way that creates an awning shape when opened, this design creates a cover as the rain hits the window and flows directly off, without a drop getting inside.

    This sloped surface allows for air and light to circulate through, yet keeps the other aspects of the weather out, as a result, the windows can be left open without a worry in moderate weather conditions,

    Key Features:

    High Safety Rating – Easy to Open & Close – Flyscreen Friendly

    uPVC/aluminium 2mm sliding panels double glazed, Clear Glass or colonial design, U-value (rate of heat conduction) 1.9W/m2. K from, 4. R-value (heat loss) 0.48, SHGC- 0.55, Rw (CTR) 35 -1; -3, Glass 5mm+9A+5mm, argon gas in the gap, with toughed glass and thermal break.

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