Container Houses Melbourne

    At “BPAU” we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and design modern and contemporary new Granny Flats, Cabins, and Onsite Portable Offices. BPAU now proudly manufactures and supplies new innovative Container Homes. Branding a Modern and Contemporary design, they are perfect for any Tiny Home, Granny Flat, or Cabin project!

    As one of the premier Australian EPS Cool Room manufacturers, this provides the ability to extend our already successful range, transitioning into the up-and-coming rage of container homes/tiny homes. We use our products when constructing the container houses, eliminating a middleman, and passing all the savings onto the customer.

    Below are the available sizes for our Container Homes and Bi-Fold Cabins.

    Standard Container Houses

    • 2000mm (Length)x 3000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 2000mm (Length)x 4000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 2000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 2000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 2000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 3000mm (Length)x 3000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 3000mm (Length)x 4000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 3000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 3000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 3000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 4000mm (Length)x 4000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 4000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 4000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 4000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 5000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 5000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 6000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
    • 6000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)

    Bi-Fold Container Houses

    • 6000mm (Length)x 2500mm (Width) x 2450mm (Height)
    • 6000mm (Length)x 3000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)

    “The Essential”

    The Essential is our latest Modern Granny Flat Cabin with an amazing sleek and modern design.

    With all of your Home-life essentials wrapped into an eco-friendly structure.

    By not only promoting a financially stable alternative to other options on the market,

    this additionally provides the ability to be completely mobile and never have to worry about accommodation again!

    Incorporating a studio living design that gives ample space, additionally features:

    • Kitchenette Basin
    • Plenty of Cupboard Space
    • Electric Cooktop
    • Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling
    • Separate Shower and Toilet

    Electrics and Plumbing are also completed with every Container Home.

    The Essential’s exterior is finished with High-Quality Aluminium Windows and Doors, promoting a High Energy Efficient and Rated structure.

    With the mobility of the home being a focal point within the design, customers have the option of having the structure on wheels, or stumps, meaning it can be removed and repositioned in any desired location.

    Being a transportable structure, most councils and municipalities would not require a permit to have this in your backyard.

    At BPAU, our wide range of products offers seamless elegance and space-saving functionality for a modern touch to your home or office. For more information about our products or customisations, call us at 1800377726 today.