Kool Kennels by BPAU



    Fully Insulated Dog Kennels

    Manufactured by Building Products AU (BPAU)

    BPAU has been manufacturing High-Quality products for all climate-controlled environments for over 20 Years. With extensive engineering experience and knowledge, BPAU has successfully established itself as one of the premier distributors throughout Australia, Our trusted products and exceptional service have given us the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

    Through the success and reputation, we have formed with our EPS Panels, we feel highly confident in transferring this same knowledge and expertise over to our newest addition under the BPAU umbrella – ‘Kool-Kennels’. Made from EPS Insulated Panels, High-Quality Aluminium Accessories, and (Optional) Heavy Duty Pvc Curtain. Our brand new ‘Kool-Kennel’ is a long-term investment your best friend will thank you for.

    The EPS Panels that comprise our ‘Kool-Kennel’ have historically been utilised in Cool Rooms and Cabins across the country; with their high durability and climate-adjusting properties, it’s the industry’s preferred choice for any climate-controlled environment as temperature regulation is vital. Implementing this theory into our ‘Kool-Kennel’ embodies BPAU’s striving mindset for providing high-quality and efficient environments for the people of Australia and now their best friends as well.

    Australia’s harsh weather conditions: specifically in Melbourne, historically have been an ongoing battle due to its unpredictability and unforgiving conditions. Utilizing their climate-adjusting properties, our ‘Kool-Kennel’ can create a temperature-adaptable space that ensures your dog is comfortable regardless of weather conditions.

    Keeping them Cool in the summer by reflecting the sun, and Warm in the Winter by using their body heat. The optional Heavy Duty PVC Curtain only increases the kennel’s protective qualities as this further blocks debris and hot air from remaining in the kennel and additionally reflects the sun on warmer days. Available in Small, Medium, and Large; in addition, we can manufacture a ‘Kool-Kennel’ specific to your measurements, Meaning every dog, no matter the size is accounted for!


    Small: 680mm (L) 680mm (W) x 800mm (H), 50mm Thick

    Medium: 850mm (L) x 850mm (W) x 1000mm (H), 50mm Thick

    Large: 1180mm (L) x 1180mm (W) x 1180mm (H), 75mm Thick

     Here are just a few benefits & features: 

    • Easy to Clean: the smooth surface of the walls and roof makes any type of mess or accident a breeze to clean
    • Water Resistant
    • Durable against Sun Damage, High Winds and Heavy Rain

    With its modern and minimalistic looks, it can blend into virtually any setting required, from indoors, to gardens, even sheds and garages. Multiple colours are also available to perfectly fit your taste and colour scheme!

     We are confident that our ‘Kool-Kennel’ will be the last kennel you ever need, and one your dog can happily call home!

    At BPAU, our wide range of products offers seamless elegance and space-saving functionality for a modern touch to your home or office. For more information about our products or customisations, call us at 1800377726 today.