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At “BAPU” we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and design modern and contemporary new Granny Flats, Cabins, and Onsite Portable Offices.

Our capacity to create and produce is endless as we are one of handful of Australian manufacturers of EPS Cool Room and Insulation Panels. We use our own products for the purpose of manufacturing and construction of these products. Hence no middleman and all the saving is passed on to the end user/purchaser.

The Essential

The Essential is our latest Modern Granny Flat Cabin with a great modern and contemporary design. It has all the life essentials you need in a home. Its studio living gives you ample space with a Kitchenette Basin, plenty of Cupboard space, an Electric Cooktop, Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling, separate Shower and Toilet. Furthermore, all the plumbing and electrical work already been done, and ready to go. Bonus extras are LED TV. The essential has modern aluminium windows and doors that are powder coated. All glasses are double glazed for high energy ratings and savings.

Due to the Essential being a Portable Cabin or Granny Flat and being on wheels, It can be positioned on stumps, this also means it is easily removed and repositioned in your desired location. Therefore, with most councils and municipalities there would be no requirement to obtain a permit to have this in your backyard.

Standard Container Houses

  • 2000mm (Length)x 3000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 2000mm (Length)x 4000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 2000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 2000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 2000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 3000mm (Length)x 3000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 3000mm (Length)x 4000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 3000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 3000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 3000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 4000mm (Length)x 4000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 4000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 4000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 4000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 5000mm (Length)x 5000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 5000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 6000mm (Length)x 6000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)
  • 6000mm (Length)x 8000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)

Bi-Fold Container Houses

  • 6000mm (Length)x 2500mm (Width) x 2450mm (Height)
  • 6000mm (Length)x 3000mm (Width) x 2800mm (Height)

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