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Drafting and Designing:

BPAU can design and draft any building structure that you want to create!

By confirming the environment, measurements, and specific requirements you need, we can draft an in-depth diagram complete with:

  • Specific Measurements of each wall/roof
  • What materials will be used, including all aluminium extrusions where applicable
  • All pricing and costs for the job to be completed.

Our highly trained and dedicated team can help you bring your ideas to fruition!


Working in tandem with our design team, our engineering team additionally supports your draft by obtaining necessary licences and permits ensuring your structure is meeting all necessary codes and compliance.

Creating a structure that is specific to your requirements while maintaining the highest level of safety is our number one priority!


BPAU has a dedicated team of seasoned technicians and installers who can build your structure from start to finish.


BPAU can additionally organise the transportation and delivery of products to your door, Australia Wide.