Cool Room Panels



    EPS Coolroom Panel Melbourne

    BPAU manufactures High-Quality EPS Insulated wall panels. Comprised of Lightweight and energy-efficient materials, Providing exceptional thermal capabilities for all structures, While maintaining a swift and easy installation process.

    BPAU designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs High-Quality Cool Room Panels for all applications throughout Australia.

    Cool Room Panels are used to construct Cool Rooms, which any business working in the food industry is required to have.

    Cafes, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Commercial Kitchens, Agri Producer, Food Manufacturers, Distribution Centres, and many more, utilise Cool Rooms as a way of keeping food safe until consumption, with other temperature-controlled environments being available, Cool Rooms are the most cost-effective and efficient within the industry.

    BPAU handles both design and in-house manufacturing of Cool Rooms Panels, specialising in the construction of fully equipped Cool Rooms to customer’s specifications, complete with all safety and food compliance requirements being fulfilled ensuring their food stays fresh and can trade with peace of mind.

    The enquiry and design process for constructing a Cool Room starts with an inspection of the environment and gaining an understanding of exactly how it is going to be utilised.

    Based on what is provided, we design and build specific Cool Room Panels to suit, including doors as well. BPAU additionally organises the transportation of all materials to the site where the Cool Room is being constructed.

    Our 20 years of expertise working with Cool Room Panels ensures you are receiving the highest quality within the industry.

    Certified Professionals and tradesmen will also be on-site to assist you with the installation of refrigeration systems and any necessary flooring requirements on the day of construction.

    Since 2008, BPAU has strived to offer exceptional service and products that align with all Australian Regulations, to further enhance our customer’s experience we additionally assist you in obtaining all documentation regarding compliance.

    With the option of tailoring a Cool Room specific to your requirements or a standard size that can be extended upon, accommodating those who need a quick turnaround.

    At Building Products Au , our wide range of products offers seamless elegance and space-saving functionality for a modern touch to your home or office. For more information about our products or customisations, call us at 1800377726 today.