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Building Products Australia is proud to offer premium fireproof wall panels for construction, ensuring that in the worst of circumstances, our infrastructure is as safe as possible, saving lives and preserving communities.

The Fireproof Wall Panels you can Trust

We stock only the best fire-resistant wall panels available. Anti-Flam panels are non-combustible, and contain a Phenolic Composite Core, ensuring maximum fire resistance. Anti-flam flame retardant wall panels are renowned as one of the most reliable products to use when building in:

  • High fire risk areas
  • Bush fire area
  • Schools and retirement villages
  • Anywhere a 5637.1 certified product is required for insurance purposes.

Anti-Flam has been instrumental in ensuring the safety for many construction projects. Anti-Flam has been the fire rated panels of choice for:

  • Offices
  • Portable buildings
  • Labs
  • Sheds
  • Production Rooms
  • Cabins
  • Annexes

And many more.

The Technical Stuff

When building infrastructure in high fire-risk communities it’s important to know that the materials you’re using are up to par. To this end, BPAU is proud to say that the Anti-Flam wall panel has been accredited under the AS ISO 9705:2003-R2016 Room Burn Test under a NATA accredited facility for wall and ceiling materials.

Furthermore, Anti-Flam panels have been awarded AS 5637.1 Group Number 1. This means that the material will not reach flashover (the point at which heat causes combustible surfaces to ignite) when exposed to 100kW for 600 seconds, followed by exposure to 300 kW for 600 seconds.

Additionally, these panels have a SMOGRA (Smoke Growth Rate Index – the rate at which the material produces smoke when burned) rating of 2.98 (), the standard being under 100. To use these amazing panels in your next construction project, please contact us here, or call us at 1800 EPS Panels (1800 377 726).