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Mobile Container Cabins

At BPAU, we are continuously innovating and exploring different avenues and applications we can utilise our EPS Panels, Adapting this mentality has created the foundation for our newest design of mobile offices, manufactured in-house, and ready to be utilised in a multitude of environments.

Using our EPS Panel design, we have created a lightweight, sturdy, and durable alternative to the standard options available on the market.

With our mobile offices being easily transportable and having the ability to be set up in virtually any space, this eliminates the need to obtain permits or certificates from your local council.

As we are one of the few in-house manufacturers of EPS-FR Panels within Australia, this provides a competitive edge over many other suppliers, due to us being able to eliminate the middleman that usually comes with importing products, providing you with High-Quality Mobile Offices, at cost-reducing prices.

With BPAU being one of the premier container home builders in Australia, we can offer an extensive range of features and amenities, that other suppliers have trouble catering to, these include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical Light Fittings
  • Worktables/ Benches
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Basins & Cupboards
  • Recycled Heating and Cooling
  • Bathroom & Toilets

All our mobile offices come standard with Premium Aluminium Double Glazed Glass Windows and Doors which promote a highly rated energy-efficient environment.

Plumbing, Electrical Components, and Data Work come preinstalled on each mobile office, meaning they are fully functional and ready for use immediately. For more information about our products or customisations, call us at 1800377726 today.