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BPAU is the leading in-house manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of aluminium windows in Melbourne to suit the custom requirements of various property owners, building developers, and construction companies. Built for high performance and durability, all our aluminium windows in Melbourne come with double glazed glass with high energy ratings to maximise energy efficiency and keep your interiors warmer in winter by locking in heat and cooler in summer by reflecting the light off the windows.

For over a decade, we have been the largest stockist and supplier of awning style, double-hung, sliding and fixed aluminium windows at wholesale prices, as we are the manufacturers ourselves. As a result, our prices and quality of products are unbeatable in the market. All our aluminium windows in Melbourne are manufactured with high-grade materials and aluminium.

We specialise in offering highly customised solutions for various aluminium windows in Melbourne with specific sizes, designs, or colours manufactured to the highest quality standards and perform excellently for years after installation.

We offer the following aluminium windows in Melbourne:

  1. Awning Windows – They open up as an awning and provide rain cover. The awning style aluminium windows in Melbourne are a great option when you wish to get excellent airflow and light throughout the day.
  2. Double Hung Windows – Popular style aluminium windows in Melbourne – the double-hung or double sash style is excellent to open the window on top and bottom to circulate air within the room. They are also flyscreen friendly.
  3. Sliding Windows – Melbourne’s horizontal sliding aluminium windows afford uninterrupted views, excellent protection, and high-level durability.

Talk to us about your specific needs for any project and be assured of the best prices as we manufacture in-house.

High-performing Aluminium Doors in Melbourne

If you are looking for high-quality, durable and colourful aluminium doors in Melbourne, look no further than BPAU. We are in-house manufacturers of double glazed glass aluminium doors built for excellent performance that endures the test of time. In addition, we specialise in completely customised aluminium doors and windows in Melbourne, with your own specifications, or we can create from architectural drawings. As a result, we can supply you with a very competitive quote.

Our aluminium door designs in Melbourne are modern and contemporary, with many different colours in our range for you to choose from. We have many different sizes of windows and doors already manufactured in different colours and ready to go. Our prices cannot be beaten as you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

At BPAU, we offer the following range of aluminium doors in Melbourne:

  • Sliding Aluminium Doors – maximises the space and provides excellent views. Flyscreen friendly and lasting performance.
  • Sliding and Stacker Aluminium Doors – Maximum opening due to stacking to let in natural light and optimise space.
  • Bi-fold Aluminium doors – When you want uninterrupted panoramic views of your deck while affording options to open up the doors for maximum light and airflow, then bi-fold aluminium doors in Melbourne are ideal.
  • 50mm Aluminium Hinged Door – A excellent doorway option to the garden area, or a private room, it helps illuminate and keep it cozy inside.

BPAU has been a locally owned and operated manufacturer, supplier and installation expert of superior quality aluminium windows and doors in Melbourne. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 1800 377 726 and talk to one of our friendly staff.


Aluminium windows in Melbourne are an excellent choice for increasing the safety of your property. Aluminium windows in various designs, styles, and colours look great while providing durable, sturdy, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance window solutions.

Aluminium windows in Melbourne can last almost a lifetime, more than 45 years, with appropriate care and maintenance. In comparison, the uPVC frames of windows last about 25-30 years. BPAU aluminium windows in Melbourne are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the safety regulation codes of Australia.

Aluminium windows are a preferred window solution because of their low maintenance. Simple cleaning is all that is needed to maintain aluminium windows in Melbourne. Using non-abrasive sponges and mild detergents is all that is needed to clean aluminium windows.