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Bi-Fold Container Houses Melbourne

Bi-Fold Units (Portable, Foldable) Suitable for site offices, backyards room, Quick set up shops. Our Bi-fold units has been designed and build to satisfy expectation for small area. since they can be delivered in flat pack it is a great solution for the tiny accesses area, temporary rooms and any other applications for short term or long-term use.

Full steel frame with treated timber flooring, insulated weatherproof walls and roof, all units come with pre fitted power points and led light with different type of doors and windows installed, all aluminium doors and windows are double glazed, so we offer the high level of energy rating units suitable for all different Australian weather conditions


3000mm Wx2550mm Lx2600mm H (Prefabricated)

Different Dimension can be built upon request.




At BPAU, our wide range of products offers seamless elegance and space-saving functionality for a modern touch to your home or office. For more information about our products or customisations, call us at 1800377726 today.