Insulated EPS Roof Panels Melbourne

    Upgrade your roofing with insulated EPS roof panels. Lightweight, energy efficient, and easy to install. Contact us for a quote today and transform your living space. BPAU specialises in providing the latest technologically advanced insulated roofing panels in Melbourne, and across Australia. Providing a quick-to-install, cost-effective, and extremely durable roofing option with high thermal properties for all weather conditions. Compared to traditional roofing where multiple layers are used, our Roofing Panels comprise a roof, insulation, and ceiling all into one cohesive long-lasting structure. By incorporating Topspan roofing batten as a steel structure, we can achieve strong, lightweight, and durable qualities, created to withstand any weather condition.

    The Topspan steel is used to complete the exterior of the roof, layered with a flame-retardant core made of expanded polystyrene with fire-retardant insulation (EPS-FR), while the underside is comprised of a prefabricated steel structure acting as the ceiling which is available in a range of colours to suit any environment.

    Our Insulated Roof Panels have been constructed to the strictest requirements governed by the National Construction Code (NCC) and have been tested to handle Australian conditions. Our team of expert technicians, allow us to undertake installations regardless of the scale and scope. Providing a roofing system complete with gutters, safety options, and any other custom fabrications to suit your requirements. Additionally, with the presence of a self-extinguishing core used in our EPS Roof Panels, you can rest assured your building is safe and prepared for any situation. BPAU is the contemporary choice for all roofing panel installations across Melbourne, providing an all-in-one solution, guaranteed to last for years to come. BPAU offers high-quality roofing systems with excellent thermal performance, at unbeatable prices.

    Here are just a few applications our EPS Roof Panels accommodate for:

    • Pergola’s
    • Granny Flats and Tiny Homes
    • Extensions and Verandas
    • Warehouses and Factories
    • Carports, Garages, and Sheds

    Some additional features of our EPS Roof Panels:

    Core: EPS-FR & Anti-Flam

    Thickness: 50mm to 150mm

    Panels Cover: 950mm.

    Overall Length: 1050mm

    Colour:  Confirm Availability

    We go beyond just the supply of roof panels, with a dedicated team of engineers who offer full-scale services from planning and design, all the way to logistics as well, meaning from start to finish, BPAU is there every step of the way!

    To make an enquiry, or to have a chat with one of our consultants, please contact us on 1800 EPS PANELS – 1800 377 726 or send us an email.- Sales@bpau.com.au