Aluminium Sliding & Stacker Double Glazed Doors



    Aluminium Stacker Glazed Doors

    Space Conserving, Sleek and Modern Design, Encourages Natural Light to brighten up your surroundings. Stacking Doors operate very similarly to Sliding Doors. Both have horizontal movement along a suspended track or wheels. The key difference is the number of panels, allowing for greater openings as the panels slide to one end and stack as layers. The Stack Design creates the possibility to have an entire wall of sliding glass doors, letting sunlight naturally beam through, and doubling as windows when doors are closed. Additionally, Fly Screens are available (Subject to Model). PVC/aluminium 2mm sliding door double glazed, Clear Glass or colonial design, U-value (rate of heat conduction) 1.9W/m2. K from, 4. R-value (heat loss) 0.48, SHGC-0.55, Rw (CTR) 35 -1; -3, Glass 5mm+9A+5mm, argon gas in the gap, with toughed glass and thermal break.

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