Cool Rooms – How are they built? and Why are they needed?

BPAU is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of EPS Insulated Panels that are used in Cool Rooms and other temperature controlled environments throughout Australia.

By offering the Design, Supply, and Manufacture aspects of a Cool Room, BPAU is the desired choice for various industries,

Handling the process from start to finish.

Cool Rooms are essential components used by diverse industries that require temperature-controlled environments.

Businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, and food processing facilities rely on Cool Room Panels to create walk-in refrigerators and freezers for preserving perishable food items. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, and laboratories utilize Cool Room Panels to maintain the optimal temperature and integrity of medications, vaccines, and laboratory samples,

EPS Insulated Panels that Cool Rooms are constructed with display a range of capabilities that benefit these industries, ensuring that they can operate and function safely and to the best of their abilities.

As of recent, these particular industries are now opting to substitute EPS Insulated Cool Room Panels, for our Fire-Rated – Anti Flam Insulated Panels to further enhance the protection and preservation of their products.

Here are some reasons why industries opt to use EPS Panels to construct their Temperature Controlled Environments,

Excellent Insulation: EPS Cool Room Panels have high thermal insulation properties, making them effective at minimizing heat transfer. The closed-cell structure of EPS traps air, which acts as a barrier against temperature fluctuations. This insulation helps maintain consistent cool temperatures within the room and reduces energy consumption.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle: EPS panels are lightweight, making them easier to handle and install compared to other building materials. This lightweight nature simplifies construction and reduces labour and transportation costs.

Moisture Resistance: EPS has inherent moisture resistance, preventing water absorption and minimizing the risk of moisture-related issues, such as mould growth or panel deterioration. This moisture resistance helps maintain a hygienic environment within the cool room.

Cost-Effective: EPS Cool Room Panels are often more cost-effective compared to other insulation materials. Their affordability makes them a popular choice for constructing cool rooms, especially for smaller businesses or projects with budget constraints.

Design Flexibility: EPS Cool Room Panels can be manufactured in various thicknesses and sizes, allowing for customization to suit specific cool room requirements. They can be easily cut, shaped, and moulded to fit different architectural designs or accommodate specific space constraints.

Fire Resistance: EPS Cool Room Panels can be manufactured with fire-retardant properties, enhancing the safety of the cool room. Fire-retardant EPS panels can slow down the spread of flames, providing additional time for evacuation or fire suppression measures.

Sustainable and Recyclable: EPS is a recyclable material, and many EPS panels used in cool rooms are made from recycled content. This makes them an environmentally friendly option, reducing the carbon footprint associated with construction projects.

Due to these advantages,

EPS panels are a popular choice for constructing cool rooms,

offering efficient insulation, cost-effectiveness, ease of handling, and design versatility.

However, it’s important to ensure proper installation and adherence to safety guidelines to maximize the benefits of EPS panels in cool room applications.