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BPAU is the one-stop solution for all your construction material requirements. Whether you’re planning building a temperature-controlled environment or a dog kennel for your furry friend, we provide a wide variety of building materials and lifestyle products, helping businesses and homeowners in Kew with their refrigeration needs drive us to offer superior cool room panels. Our products are designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your cool room installations, ensuring that you get the best value and performance.

Our Products Include

Cool Room Panels Kew

We are your go-to source for premium cool room panels that stand the test of time. Our panels are engineered to provide exceptional insulation, maintaining the desired temperature for your perishables or climate-sensitive products. With a focus on energy efficiency, our cool room panels help reduce operational costs while promoting a greener, more sustainable environment. Available in various specifications, they cater to the unique needs of each project, whether commercial or residential.

EPS Panels Kew

Our EPS Roof panels in Kew offer a lightweight yet robust solution for effective insulation in cool rooms. Known for their excellent thermal resistance, these panels help maintain optimal conditions, ensuring the freshness and longevity of stored goods. Easy to handle and install, our EPS panels are an ideal choice for projects where quick turnaround and efficiency are paramount.

Insulated Roof Panels Kew

Our range of insulated roof panels in Kew is designed to complement our cool room solutions, providing top-tier thermal insulation from the top down. These panels are integral to maintaining consistent temperatures within cool rooms, contributing to energy savings and enhanced operational efficiency. Available in a variety of styles, they add both functional and aesthetic value to your property.

Aluminium Windows And Accessories Kew

To complete your cool room installation, we offer a comprehensive selection of aluminium windows and accessories in Kew. Our aluminium windows provide durability, ease of maintenance, and complement the insulation properties of our cool room panels. Along with high-quality windows, we provide an array of accessories, including seals, latches, and hinges, ensuring that your cool room is equipped with everything needed for peak performance.

At BPAU, we are dedicated to serving our customers with exceptional products and service. Let us help you achieve the perfect solution tailored to your specific requirements. For all your building supplies needs, call us at 1800 377 726 today.